André Perugia (1893-1977) the original celebrity Shoe Designer


     I posted on my Facebook page about the engineering of the recent no-heel Saint Laurent shoe . I wanted to follow up with a story about André Perugia. Heel-less shoes are not a new concept. Perugia was considered one of the 1st celebrity shoe designers. He was born in Nice France in 1893 and opened his 1st shop at 16!! Perugia designed for many famous people. The stars of the Folies Bergère,Josephine Baker, and Gloria Swanson were clients of his. For more information you can read a great book, Shoes by Linda O'keeffe. It has photo's galore of the history of shoes. I actually used this book to get better at drawing shoes. 

Below are some of the groundbreaking designs of Perugia.