One of the many ways I get ideas is the process of Draping. Just like clothing designers drape their dress forms with fabric I drape my shoe lasts with anything that catches my interest. It will give me ideas for shapes, colors, and styles. In the pictures above you can see some of the items I use. Seashells have amazing shapes and you can see how they can easily work with shoe design. A box of drink parisols made a fun exercise as well as a tie dye scarf with a silk cord. 


We have a shed on the other side of the yard that has a small window box. Since there isn't a water source I put some brightly colored silk flowers in the box. Over a couple years the silk flowers aged and frayed. I liked them so much that way I used them for this draping.

 The heel is made from rubber fiber optic conduits that I found. Pieced together they make a beautiful lacey heel.