Photography: James T Murray Instagram: @jamest_murray

Styling/Retouching: Yuco Lacovara Instagram: @yuco_lacovara

“Have I seen this before?


Does the world need it?


Tim Gunn


     The first time I saw a classmate wearing the highest platforms I had ever seen, I was hooked. I have been fascinated with women’s high heel shoes ever since.  It amazed me that an article of clothing could be transformed into art. I started sketching in the margins of my notebooks. Quickly notebooks were being filled with sketches of shoes rather than class notes. 

     I graduated from high school and went on to major in theology at Assumption College. I needed to pay for school so I started working for a large phone company that paid for my tuition. Not really believing that a career designing shoes was feasible, I stayed for 25 years repairing phones. 

      True passion never dies! My napkins in restaurants had oxfords on them, on the back of work orders , stilettos. I sketched, read and searched the web for anything and everything shoes. I finally found a two day class in New York on “starting a shoe line”. Maybe the designer teaching this class could tell me if I had any talent. He pulled me aside and said that I HAD to follow this talent and I needed to apply to a Masters program in Europe. With the tremendous support and enthusiasm of my husband I retired early and was accepted at Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence Italy. 

      Once home I continued designing and making my prototypes and displaying them on Instagram and Facebook. Winning a contest to meet Tim Gunn on Project Runway and having a short documentary done by AARP created a tremendous response from people all over. I’m very grateful for the new path my life is on and the chance to pursue my dream. 


“We are in love and captivated by the sheer talent of Shoe Designer


We need more of your creative genius.”